Areas of Interest

Queer and medical anthropologies; sex, gender, and sexuality; the body; queer health disparities; biomedical education and praxis; heteronormativity; the production of biomedical and scientific expertise; queer theory; social justice movements; science and culture; structural and cultural violence


* = not peer reviewed

  • Robertson, WJ. (In Preparation) The Irrelevance Narrative: Queer (In)Visibility in Biomedical Education.
  • McCurdy, Leah, Emily Lloyd, William Robertson (In Preparation) Anthropology Teaching Forum.
  • *Robertson, William J. (2013) Queering Biomedicine: Culture and (In)Visibility in a Medical School. Master’s Thesis. (PDF)
  • *Robertson, Will (2013) Medical Authority and Queer Health Disparities. Anthropologies Issue 17 (March). (Web | PDF)
  • *Robertson, William J. (2012) “It’s the revolution!”: Queer Liberation and Anthropological Inquiry. SfAA News: A Publication of the Society for Applied Anthropology 23(3):26-27. (Web | PDF)

Teaching Experience

Department of Anthropology, UT-San Antonio (Course Evals & Syllabuses)

  • Sex, Gender, and Culture (Summer 2014)
  • Kinship and Social Organization (Spring 2014)
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Spring 2014)
  • Introduction to Anthropology (Four Field) (Fall 2013)
  • Language, Thought, and Culture (Two Sections) (Fall 2012)

Teaching Assistant
Department of Anthropology, UT-San Antonio

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Spring 2013)
  • Introduction to Anthropology (Four Field) (Spring 2012)
  • Language, Thought, and Culture (Fall 2011)

Good Samaritan Community Services, Bandera, Texas (Summer 2011)

  • Summer Youth Specialist - Developed and taught lesson plans to 12- through 15-year-olds at summer academic enrichment program for underserved youth.

Research Experience

Research Assistant (Beginning Fall 2014) PI: Susan Shaw

  • Title:
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona
  • Responsibilities: transcribing and analyzing interviews

Research Assistant/Coordinator (Dec. 2011 – May 2013) PI: Craig Klugman

  • Title: “Qualitative Examination of LGBT Physician and Medical Student Experiences”
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Responsibilities: assisting with IRB paperwork; preparing, conducting, and transcribing interviews; recruiting informants; analyzing interview transcripts using grounded theory



  • Heteronormative Biomedicine: LGBT Experiences in Medical Environments. Poster Presentation. “Faces of Health,” Rowdy Wellness Week, hosted by Health Education Department of Student Health Services, UTSA.


  • Queer Pop: Heteronormativity and Queer Commodification in American Popular Culture. Paper presentation. College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA) Spring Research Conference, UTSA.

Discussion Panels


  • Science of Group Differences. CONvergence, Minneapolis, MN. July 6.
  • Bullying and the Bystander (Moderator). CONvergence. Minneapolis, MN. July 6.
  • The Intersections of Sciences and Humanities. CONvergence. Minneapolis, MN. July 5.
  • Good Food, Bad Food (Moderator). CONvergence, Minneapolis, MN. July 4
  • LGBTQ Identities. CONvergence, Minneapolis, MN. July 4.
  • Gender Identity and Expression: Equality and Inclusion on Campus. Women’s History Month, UTSA. Mar. 18.
  • Teaching Un(der)Prepared Students. Anthropology Teaching Forum, UTSA. Feb. 19.


  • Queer Rights Beyond Marriage. GLBTQ of UTSA. Oct. 21.
  • Spring Awakening Talk Back. Co-facilitator and discussant with cast. The Playhouse, San Antonio, TX. June 7.
  • Spring Awakening Education Night. Post-show panel discussant. The Playhouse, San Antonio, TX.
  • Personal Perspectives on Queer Culture. LGBT Graduate Student Symposium. UTSA. April 10.


  • Faces of Health. Rowdy Wellness Week Research Discussion Panel. UTSA. April 5.

Invited Lectures


  • Sex: A Biocultural Approach Forensic Anthropology, UTSA. Feb 19.


  • Queering Biomedicine Queer Studies, UTSA. Oct. 11.
  • On Silence: Oppression and Liberation GLBTQ of UTSA, April 17.
  • Heteronormativity in Medical Education Medical Anthropology, UTSA. April 16.
  • Queer Health Disparities LGBT Graduate Student Symposium, UTSA. April 10.


  • Heteronormative Biomedicine Queer Studies, UTSA. Sept. 19

Awards and Honors


  • 50 Best Cultural Anthropology Dissertations 2013. Anthropologyworks. Culture in Global Affairs Research and Policy Program at the George Washington University.


  • Recipient, University Graduate Student Teaching Award. UTSA.
  • Departmental Nomination, University Graduate Student Teaching Award. UTSA.
  • Finalist, Outstanding Graduate Student in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts, University Life Awards. UTSA.


  • The Meritorious Achievement Award for Graduate Students in Anthropology. Department of Anthropology. UTSA.


  • First Place, Undergraduate Research Paper. COLFA Research Conference. UTSA.


  • Undergraduate Dean’s List. UTSA.


  • 2012-2013 - Service Committee Chair, Anthropology Graduate Student Association of UTSA.
  • 2011-2012 - Service Committee Member, Anthropology Graduate Student Association of UTSA.
  • 2011-2013 - Graduate Mentor, Undergraduate Mentor Program. Sponsored by Service Committee of AGSA.

Relevant Graduate Coursework

In Progress: Feminist Theories I; Transgender Theory; Medical Anthropology

Past Coursework: Queer Theory & Ethnography (Independent Study); Anthropology of the Body; Anthropology of Gender; Medical Anthropology; Theory in Cultural Anthropology; Anthropology and Science; Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology; Teaching Anthropology; Culture and Economy; History of Sexuality

Professional Memberships